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This is a one of a kind service that allows us to include detailed information about the recipient and a closing message from the giver or givers. We rewrite the lyrics including the information you provide. We perform and record the song  and make it available in CD and Sleeve form or as an MP3 Download emailed to you.

We can Custom Personalized Their Stinky Feet Song with many tid bits of personal information that time stamps the moment creating a keepsake and memories that the recipient will enjoy for many years to come.

*Because of demand and the degree of care and the time it takes to personalize your song, allow 5 working days for downloading of the MP3 and 5 working days plus, shipping time for the CD and Sleeve.

Additional information

Delivery Type

CD & Sleeve, MP3

Custom Personalizing the Stinky Feet Song


A keepsake that keeps giving for years and years. This version of the song allows you to add in special details about the recipient to make it truely unique.

When selecting the MP3 delivery option, the mp3 file will be delivered to your email address within 5 days. You can then save the song to play from your device or burn your custom personalized song to a CD on your own.

1a. Name to be used in Song (who is the song for)? *

1b. Provide phonetic spelling if necessary.?

2. Who is giving the song: (Example: Grandma Vickie and Grandpa Greg)? *

3. Male or Female? *

4. Occasion (birthday, retirement, graduation etc.)? *

5. If for a birthday, what age are they turning? *

6. Hair Color *

7. Eye Color *

8. Where they live (City and State): *

Closing Message

Your message at the end of the song. Example: “Happy 11th Birthday Elizabeth!” This song is for you from Grandma Vickie and Grandpa Greg. We’re so proud of you and the young lady you’re beciming. We love and miss you so much and can’t wait for the time we’ll spent together this summer.” Be creative but limit the message to no more than 20 seconds.

Additional Info

We can’t guarantee we can include any more personalized info in the song other than the items listed above but sometimes we can. Used this space to include: Pet’s name and what kind of pet it is. A nick name. Things they like to do. For retirements, number of years worked and what type of work and company worked for. For Graduations include type of graduation. (High School, College, Trade School) Name of School.

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