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The International

Stinky Feet Club

Members of the Inernational Stinky Feet Club are part of a proud heritage going back over 250 years. Claiming for its members men, women, boys and girls who have exhibited “Courage, Kindness, Honor” and to some degree Stinky Feet.

Patriot & Founder: Emersum Soursox

Emersun Soursox played a pivotal and heroic role in the founding of our young country. As a patriot, inventor and reluctant leader he lived with “Courage, Kindness and Honor”. His accomplishments were many but took great pride in his founding of “The International Stinky Feet Club” which among its members includes both notable and everyday ordinary men and women, boys and girls who possess the qualities of “Courage, Kindness and Honor” and to some degree Stinky Feet.

Pathways to Membership in the International Stinky Feet Club

Honorary Membership is obtained by receiving one of the following:

      • A Personalized Stinky Feet Song
      • A Stinky Feet Club Sticker
      • A Stinky Feet Club T-Shirt
      • A Custom Personalized Stinky Feet Song

Full Membership is obtained by being nominated and receiving a personalized Membership Certificate signed by the current President Willy Washisocks.

Sample our 2 variations of audio tracks.