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Emergency Spring Loaded Nose Pins


A Brief History of Spring Loaded Nose Pins

It began with a young lad named, Emersum Soursox who along with his family left the comfort of their home in South Hampton England to sail away to a new land called America. Emersum was a fine, intelligent, clean you man with one major personal challenge. You see, Emersum suffered from a bad case of STINKY FEET. His condition became more unbearable in the cramped confines of the crowded ship. Concerned with the others on board, Emersum began to design a device that would provide temporary relief from his affliction. From old pieces of wood, he whittled and out of fish hooks he made springs. Thus, the SPRING LOADED NOSE PIN came into being with the overwhelming approval of all onboard. NOSE PINS have also been found to have many other uses, most notably what we now call THE CLOTHES PIN. Emersum Soursox, went on to become a heroic patriot and founder of The International Stinky Feet Club.

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Each Package includes (6) replicas of the original Spring Loaded Nose Pin with directions for use. Invented by a very young Emersum Soursox to provide relief to those sensitive to the smell of his feet which were often described as stinky. Emersum went on to become a distinkwished patriot and founder of THE International Stinky Feet Club.

Read The History of the Spring Loaded Nose Pin found on the back of the package before giving one nose pin and one instruction sheet to each quest. A great addition to the fun.


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