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For the Young and Young at Heart.

This fun loving, endearing song uses their name at least 14 times throughout. While gently poking fun at their stinky feet the real message is... "Happy Birthday (insert name) We love you even if you do have Stinky Feet"

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The Personalized Stinky Feet Song on CD or MP3

$12.00 – $18.00

SongSmith Productions Proudly Presents Their Own Personalized “Stinky Feet Song

When selecting the MP3 delivery option for prerecorded songs, the mp3 file will be delivered to your email address within 1 day. For names that are not prerecorded allow 5 days. You can then save the song to play from your device or burn your custom personalized song to a CD on your own.

Boy Names

Select from one of the pre-recorded selections of boy names.

** Not Recorded Yet. Allow 5 working days before item is shipped or emailed.

Girl Names

Select from one of the pre-recorded selections of girl names.

Note: ** Not recorded yet, allow 5 working days before item is shipped or emailed.


Because of the unique personalization of The Stinky Feet Song we have a Boys name list and a Girls name list. The list are in alphabetical order and are being expanded sometimes daily. Each name will include the name, (spelling doesn’t matter see, Spelling Of Names below), whether it is the live or original version, and for names  that may  have more than one pronunciation we include the phonetic pronunciation.  If a name doesn’t include the phonetic pronunciation, it means we are using the common or standard pronunciation.

If you are concerned about a pronunciation, send us an email using a voice recording app on you phone or device.

Spelling of Names

You don’t need to worry about finding the correct spelling of a name for a Personalized Stinky Feet Song because we don’t spell names on anything except the printed Personalized Stinky Feet Club Membership Certificate.  Our name list is not concerned with spelling but pronunciation. So if you can’t find a name like Brian look for another spelling that sounds the same like Bryan and choose that. Remember with the Stinky Feet Song the spelling of the name doesn’t matter but correct pronunciation does.

*Live and original songs vary slightly in lyrics and arangement, but both convey the same fun loving sentiment.